About BreakBit.xyz

About The BreakBit Free Bitcoin Faucet

BreakBit.xyz was founded by the owners of  TheBreakdown.xyz blog and YouTube channel.

BreakBit.xyz was founded by Nic King & Patrick Fassler the owners of TheBreakdown.xyz Blog and YouTube Channel. They saw there were very few good Bitcoin faucets online that you could actually trust. Most of them felt really sketchy, and when you landed on the site, you had absolutely no clue who owned them and how it was all being made happen. Because of this, BreakBit.xyz was founded.

So How Does It Work?

BreakBit.xyz is a Bitcoin faucet. We give away Bitcoin for you coming to our site and completing a specific action. In the case of this site, it is simply filling our a caption and hitting enter. Super easy right? Just enter your Bitcoin address, link it to FaucetHub and start answer captcha. It really is that easy.


Wait. How Do You Not Go Broke?

Well, you may have noticed there are A LOT of ads on this site. The reason for that is ads are what make this site possible. Our ads allow us to make money from the site an reinvest that money into purchasing Bitcoin for you. We also have a cryptocurrency miner on our, see our sidebar, that allows us to use your computer to mine cryptocurrency when you are on our website. This is another way we make money to keep the site up and running.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for using our Bitcoin faucet. We really do appreciate it, and may mountains of free Bitcoin come your way! Don’t forget to refer your friends to earn 5% of all of the Bitcoin they earn at no extra cost to them. Click here and enter your wallet ID to generate a referral link!